Sikkim Express is the undisputed leader among newspapers published in the Sikkim region. Therefore booking ads in Sikkim Express is a brilliant move for those planning to advertise in the Gangtok.

Is Sikkim Express a good choice as an advertising platform? What is the cost of advertising for a Matrimonial ad in Sikkim Express newspaper in Gangtok?


Sikkim Express is editorially one of the best newspapers in India, as evidenced by their recognition as the Best Small Newspaper (English) in India by the All India Conference of Small and Medium Newspapers. You can get the best rates for advertising in Sikkim Express by booking your ad online via releaseMyAd. Currently, releaseMyAd offers you Matrimonial classified ads in the Gangtok edition of Sikkim Express at Rs.500 for 20 words, and Rs.25 for every extra word.

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Matrimonial Ad for Sikkim Express Gangtok
Rs.200 /sqcm Book Now

No Package Available For This Selection.
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